Product suggestion: Expander

I love the Hermod and am having a blast playing with it. If there’s one thing I would love is some kind of expander module for Hermod that would add another 8 CV outs. You could just leave the sequencer layout at 8 tracks on the UI end of things, Then, you just send Velo, Aftr or Mod(CC) out of the auxilliary CV and save a whole CV slot for more instruments.

A secondary matrix menu can send MIDI CC’s out of unused Aux outs as bipolar voltage. Can be used to send static knob/fader positions from a MIDI device for live control (non-sequence-able)

I think that would make Hermod blow any other Eurorack sequencer out of the water at this point, and this shouldn’t take up more than ~2-4HP.

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Not really possible , as there is no expansion headers (eg i2c) on the back of the module.

What perhaps could work is a usb connection,
If this was done on the usb host ,then the same protocol could be used to do seamless integrate the pyramid - which I think would be very interesting