Problems with microfreak over USB?

my microfreak ( works great over MIDI but very spotty when working over USB host.

anyone else have this problem?

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I’ve been noticing this M Audio controller that I have is also very spotty via USB. Works great sometimes, only works half the time, sometimes it doesn’t recognize it at all until I unplug/plug it in a few times.

Today I plan on trying another midi controller to see if it’s just that, but it hasn’t been consistent thus far.

Are you certain MF is getting ample power when on the USB host?

MF manual says it needs 500mA at 5V. And H+ manual shows 500mA as the max power deliverable via USB host if the 5V switch is in the up position.

See page 7 of the H+ manual. Not saying this is your issue but it’s the first thing I would check if MF is acting normally under non-USB host conditions.

If you’re already powering MF with 12VDC then ignore this.

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Similar problem here with the Hermod+ intermittently recognising an Akai LPK25 controller connected to USB host. I’ve tried different cables to no avail.

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A follow up to my comment above.

USB connectivity was not working well with this smaller M Audio keyboard (keystation mini 32 mk3) that I have. It would recognize it every time it was plugged in, but rarely worked as expected (Keys wouldn’t trigger, it wouldn’t actually do anything when pressed and I’d have to restart multiple times to get it to respond as expected. However, the Keystep 32 works every time without issue.

Curious if the Squarp team has any input on why one might work better than the other or if there’s a standard to look for in USB controllers with H+?

I still can’t get this to reliably work. The microfreak is being powered by its AC adapter. I’ve tried different USB cables. 100% reliable when using the MIDI in jack. No problems when using microfreak with my computer. I am going to get a cheap midi controller just to make sure there isn’t comething wrong with the actual port on the Hermod+.