Problems Importing Midiclips

Hi folks!

Been loving my Pyramid, have added it to my livesetup quite recently.

I’ve been having some issues adding midiclips that I prepared in Ableton Live 10. For one song, I need 1 synth to play for the entire 7minute length of it and for me to have my hands free to play other keys.

When I add midiclips from ableton to the sdcard renaming them appropriately in the appropriate folders, I do get the tracks there as needed, but the lengths of all the notes are infinite it seems. So the notes stick on sustain. On smaller midiloops that I’ve added it wasn’t as much of a problem, for i can change it manually, but this is a 7 minute long track with quite some variation…

Anyone found a workaround for these importing midi problems? I work with mac so maybe someone found a good mac midi editor that does the trick since maybe its abletons export?


Hi @Meetsy ,

What version of the firmware are you running? The latest one is 4.02 as of today.
Your issue sounds like a bug introduced in v4.00, resolved in 4.01.

yes perfect the magic answer i needed :sob: :sob:

Thank You!!!

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