Problem with touchpad mk2

Hi guys! My pyramid came with dust inside the screen protection and bump on on upper right side of touchpad, realizing that this boutique production, I did not submit claims to squarp and began to use it as it is, but after 5 months the surface of the touchpad cracked and began to peel off, now I absolutely do not know what to do, maybe someone knows what material and how to replace it the outer layer of the touchpad without damaging it? What do you advise from the materials? I live far away and send it to the manufacturer very expensive

Ps: Is someone have same problem ?

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I think you should email squarp directly for suggestion / help on this.

It’s a pity that you received it damaged. And it’s not supposed to crack down like that

I agree, but it was worth doing immediately after receiving, but then on this place there was just a bend and I would not have spent 100 euros on the transfers anyway, and now it’s too late, this physical damage is not a guarantee case, besides, I opened the device to clean the dirt from the screen - so my pyramid any way is not guaranteed , so now the best thing I can get - advice and feedback from other users and admins)

By the way, I generally do not fit in my head HOW my device passed a pre-sale quality check …

Did you even try contact Squarp about this?

maybe the delivery caused the damage. who knows.
I think that being in your place I would email squarp support anyway.
At least they could answer your posted question about materials and howto… :wink:

No, I already wrote it earlier.

how during the delivery of the touchpad could be incorrectly installed in the case and get dirt under the screen?) Not a chance, it is the fault of the manufacturer in any case

My fault is that I did not focus on this immediately

Hi @OxyJam,
We are sorry for this problem, it’s the first time we heard about this hardware issue.
Of course we can fix this problem, please send us an email and we will find a solution! i think maybe it’s some issue with spacernut lenght…