Problem with controlling effect via cc when changing patterns

I have run into a problem, and I am not sure there is something I am missing. Here goes:

A pattern of 16th notes has a Chance fx on, and the chance parameter is controlled by CC from an external controller. On the same track there is another pattern, similar but different, and it has the same Chance fx on. Let’s say the chance value is 100% but then I turn it down to 5% from the controller. When I then change to the other pattern, chance jumps up to hundred and I need to turn the control knob again to get it down. This is not what I expected.
If I instead of an external controller use an assigned knob on Hapax (assigned directly to the fx, not using CC) it behaves exactly as I expect: When changing pattern, there is no jump in value, the knob stays in control.
So my question is: Is there a way to get CC control over fx parameter to behave in the same manner as a Hapax assigned knob (as described above), in the context of pattern change?

Might be a bug?