Problem using Sensel Morph controller

Hello, I havd a Sensel Morph with the MPE and Buchla Thunder overlays. I am supposed to be able to flash the Morph and it will operate as a standalone controller connected with USB. I first used it to control 8 channels of modulation by connecting the Morph to my computer and sending out CC1 through the computer’s MIDI cable to the MIDI IN of the Hermod, which worked fine. I then tried to plug the Morph directly into the USB hub on the Hermod and set the settings to USB-to-MIDI and connected a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT on the Hermod to the MIDI IN on the Hermod to redirect the MIDI to the Hermod’s MIDI IN because there doesn’t seem to be a way to route USB MIDI to the mod channels on the Hermod through software. This didn’t work, does anyone know why? Any other way to do this?

Thanks for any help, would love to be able to control my eurorack without a computer and just use the Buchla Thunder Sensel Morph.

this is not needed.

if you plug something into the USB it automatically goes to the track, note or mod doesnt matter.
the only thing you have to be careful of is which midi channel the track is set to (or active channel)

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