Problem: Pyramid skips first step in sequence

I’m having the same issue (first note is skipped) on a project. I’ve tried quantizing via FX, offsetting the note but nothing seems to work.

In my case a program has been assigned to the problematic track, which seems to be what causes the misfire (upon initial play only).

Have any workarounds been discovered?

I haven’t had this problem but I also always put my program changes on their own tracks so I can have them play one shot and sequence them in more ways. It doesn’t fix your problem but it might be the simplest solution if you have empty tracks to spare

Great suggestion—that’ll work for me.

Seems like it can generally be good practice too—to allow for multiple “program” tracks to affect the same pattern over the course of a song or performance…

I have the “missing first note” issue when playing pattern chains in SEQ mode when I have a note on the first beat, quantizer on, and HUMAN- in the quantizer set to some non-zero value. Sometimes the first note plays, and sometimes it doesn’t. I speculate it’s because the HUMAN- setting is sometimes setting the note to sound early and so doesn’t get played when a new sequence starts. If I set HUMAN- to zero, the first note always plays.

IIUC, the HUMAN settings are supposed to cause variations in the timing, so it kind of makes sense that a note at 1.1.0 might get moved to an earlier time and so might not play when that sequence is switched to. That said, it definitely seems wrong that something as fundamental as a kick drum on beat 1 would sometimes not happen. I would hope they could make the sequence chaining function smart enough to allow the first note of the next sequence to occur early. Alternatively, they could make the humanize function never make the first note earlier.

I sent a bug report to Squarp a week or so ago with steps to reproduce this issue, but haven’t heard anything back from them.

But the above discussions about CCs and PC makes me wonder whether the HUMAN settings in the quantizer are applied only to notes, or to any/all kinds of data. Anyone know the answer?



I also have this “problem” I consider it for me a minor issue tho

Hi all.

Did this missing first step issue get fixed?

It’s putting me off buying the Pyramid atm.

Missed first step can be a common problem with some sequencers, and it’s pretty frustrating to deal with.


New Pyramid user here. I can reproduce this & the seeming intermittent occurrences:

Track 1: 1 bar
Track 9: 4 bars (with note on first step)
Seq 1: Track 1
Seq 2: Track 1 & Track 9
Sequence chain: Seq 1 plays for 4 bars - result: when seq changes to seq 2, first note on track 9 triggers OK.
Sequence chain: Seq 1 plays for 2 bars - result: when seq changes to seq 2, first note on track 9 does NOT trigger.

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@virtualpt, is your track run mode set to FREE? Is the first note played if you change the track run mode to RELATCH?
see Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments

Yes, they would have been running in free mode. It would be easy to test if changing to relapse makes it behave differently, I don’t have time at the moment, but you could easily replicate my test if you were interested. Even if that does work, this is still a bug :slight_smile:

why? the way the free mode is described in the linked part of the manual I understand that after playing 2 bars the 4bars-long track 9 is playing in the middle, so it won’t play a note at its beginning, it will play notes in its middle. If you wish the track playing position to be reset to the beginning when a new sequence starts that’s what the relatch mode is for

Ah, thanks. Probably my misunderstanding. I will try that out. Really appreciate your taking the time to reply so clearly :sunglasses:

any update on this? i’ve been having this problem quite a bit too on os 3.10.

seems to not play the first time around and play when the sequence loops

I have the same problem. Pyramid skips first step. Any solutions to this? This is really a major problem, as it is only happening on one track. So no possibility to match bassline with chords for example…

steps to reproduce?

will try to reproduce. at the moment it seems quite arbitrary to me…

Yes, I noticed this too and it is caused by QUA -> HUMAN-

HUMAN- might shift a note before the first count, so it should in fact be audible at the end of a repeating pattern, just before it returns to the start.

I’m typing this from memory, but I think it doesn’t happen in a song, when the sequence with that pattern starts with a negative shifted note on the first beat. It happens only when a pattern is repeated… but not sure about that.

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Has anyone found a permanent solution to this?

I am having the issue where patterns on my Digitakt don’t trigger anything on the first step about 50% of the time when I press play on the Pyramid. This is really frustrating.

My Pyramid Track is setup to use Patterns. In Track Options for each Pattern I have set the Program Change to change to the correct Digitakt Pattern. Program Change is the only thing that I have the Pyramid set to send to my Digitakt.

I’ve confirmed that none of the trigs on step 1 on the Digitakt are shifted early which would nonetheless mean they would never play on the the first time through the pattern so that is not the issue.

I have tried all three Track Run Modes: Free, Relatch and Trig and I get the exact same behaviour on all three, which is that randomly, about 50% of the time when I press play the Digitakt doesn’t play any trigs on the first step of the pattern.

If you are programming your pattern on the digitakt then there is your problem. known issue with elektron. Additionally I’ve found that too many cc triggers on the first step can cause missed notes. Also consider your routing. Invest in an iconnectivity device if you haven’t already. Theoretically you could have the digitakt start the pyramid and that would allow you to use the digitakt sequencer in addition to the pyramid controlling whatever as well and even mix and match triggers coming from both machines.

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Aha! So it is.

I wasn’t aware of that. Hopefully Elektron fix this eventually!


Sorry to revive this thread, but I’m having the exact same issue. I’ve been troubleshooting my setup for a week(!) just to find out that the issue is with the Quantize/Humanize function…
I have my Sequence ‘Perform’ set to ‘Instant’ and control the seq changes from external gear.

I was having issues with the first note not being played when the Quantize was enabled, regardless if the Humanize settings were both at 0% or not.

I think it would be great if there at least was the option to have the first step always “Unhumanized”, if this can not be fixed in a better way. Like someone mentioned above, a 4/4 kick drum that gets left out each 1 on sequence change should be considered a bug, not a feature.

But then again, my issue exists even when the Humanize setting is at 0%, so the culprit is when the Quantize is simply enabled.