Prevent midi echoing back?


Sadly the Hapax doesn’t have a midi echo off feature yet, although Squarp said it will be added in the future :slight_smile:

In the meantime: is there a way to set midi channels so I can record incoming midi (notes and cc) from a synth without Hapax sending the midi data back to the synth? Currently my Hydrasynth will make a double note phasing sound when playing it through the Hapax. Same with CC: some of my synths will create horrible artefacts when tweaking the filter knob because the Hapax sends all CC data back to the synth similtaneously.

I have to disable the midi output during recording and enable it again after recording, which is not ideal.

How do you guys do this?

even turning MIDI Echo off/on on Pyramid doesn’t really solve the problem (in my experience) of using anything but a dedicated MIDI controller as your keyboard input. my Alpha Juno is Track 1/Ch.1 for receiving from Pyramid but outputs for any other tracks/channels i need to enter note values for. i’ve just learned to live with (1) turning the volume down on AJ1 while I’m building up the other tracks; and (2) toggling Echo On/Off to keep the AJ1 from getting MIDI feedback as needed. sucks but not sure there’s actually a better workaround, given the way MIDI works, without just inputting everything from a non-receiving controller

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Yeah, I found the same with my Pyramid. I think MIDI echo prevention stopped it forwarding MIDI through the Thru that was also being played into a track (although I don’t have my Pyramid anymore, so cannot check)

I have the same problem with my Nord Modular. Some synths seem to have the echo prevention built in, but not all. The workaround (which is not ideal, but is possible) is to change the MIDI output of your keyboard to a different one on the Synth. This is possible on the Nord, and I know some synths such as the original Bass Station allowed this, or as @chrisroland say, using an external keyboard (which is what I ended up doing). Of course, unless you have another keyboard that does Poly Aftertouch, that won’t be a good option for you.

The other workaround is to record to a track set to a different MIDI channel, then swap it back to the Hydrasynth’s MIDI channel for playback.

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some synths have “local off” feature so the keyboard only sends midi but does not trigger notes. I do this with synths that I want to use as controllers for other synths as well.

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Did you try the Local Control setting in the midi parameters on the AJ1 as suggested by frederic.font? Page 32 in the manual
This is how I have been using the AJ1 as a main keyboard to control other synths via Pyramid, and never had to deal with the Midi echo setting in the Pyramid

I know but this has other issues, depending on the synth. It also isn’t possible on all synths, especially synth modules generally don’t have this feature. While the issue with midi cc is still there.

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