Pre define bar leght

Hey guys, how can i fix the bar leght of a new blank sequence before recording and not losing the leght information that i set when i change to other sequence?

The problem is, everytime i have a blank sequence and i predefine the leght (for an example seq 2 - 3 bars), when other patterns or sequences with different leghts are selected (example seq 4 - 4 bars), the previous one (seq 2) automatically changes it’s leght to the same value of the selected next (seq 4) deleting the leght i programmed

The real situation is:

Sequence 1 needs to have 6 bars, sequence 2 needs to have 4, sequence 3 2 bars
There are no notes recorded in any sequence or pattern so i can record the loops on the fly but with the bars leght i set previously

Same problem with midi song import for each tracks.
The squarp team could perhaps incorporate the definition of a default length in the general options of PYRAMID ?

Answer I’ve seen here for similar problems, has been to use an empty project as a template, then save it to different name for your project. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, so, everytime i set a track leght i have to save the project with a new name?

i’m not sure what you mean, but basically:
create empty project, make your preferred track default settings length etc, then save this as a template that you can use to start a new project. then save it under a different name per each project and possibly versioning in names that you use. and of course, you’re not limited to that one template. you can do several for different styles and different song ideas, right?