PRE BUY Q Re: Mono Seq - Gates, Note Length

Hi There.

I have a question pre purchase. I’m 99.9% there but want to clarify one query. Ps I have read the manual and watch an extensive walkthrough.

I would like to be able to program mono synths e.g 303 / MS 1 (clones not originals!!).

I like to be able to program short notes less than 1/16th to get nice staccato rhythms and then notes just over 1/16th to tie.

It’s not good ideal having a tie as 1/8th note if I wanted the following note to be staccato as it would run over the end of the following note.

Really these are the fundamentals of a nice basic mono sequence but controlling gate length doesn’t seem as customisable for shorter notes as I understand it nor ties.

So Am I right in saying to do this on HAPAX I would need :

To zoom in to do a 1/32 not grid so only seeing 8 notes of a sequence and program at this level and then zoom out…CORRECT?? Giving me shortish 32th notes only. This doesn’t sound great and is what I am hoping there is a better answer too. To program short notes but at 1/16th view and easy ties.

QUESTION: Can I enter 1/16ths and then at that zoom level select each (or select multiple) and use the length know to reduce the length to 1/32 or a non quantizes length less than 1/16th?? - I believe the answer is no?


QUESTION: Can I change the default note length at zoom level 1/16th so I am entering much shorter notes but programming at the 1/16th level? Again I believe the answer is no.


I guess I could program one note and then just use copy and paste for short notes??

Or use algo to select and then shorten a lot of notes??

Any guidance on the best way to sequence like this would be great and is there anything in the roadmap to address these mono sequence style issues as I did find a few other queries like this.

Thank you in advance. Really excited to get playing with this and off my computer.


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I think this is basically the main question?

But the answer is yes you can. Just change the note length to less than 1 (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16) and then you’ll get a note that is less than a whole note length, which is what I think you’re after?

However, Hapax doesn’t have a dedicated “mono” mode, and it doesn’t transmit any kind of slides or anything, so any behaviour of what happens if you have any overlapping notes would be up to what your synth does. I don’t own an MS-1 or TD-3, but pretty sure they will do a slide if the note overlaps, as mode 303 clones do that, as the slides are a huge part of the ‘thing’

Yes that was the key question. Too many words!!

Good that is great to know. Thankyou.

Can you edit gate / note length, like velocities on the pad display in bars or is it just using the encoder per note??

Yeah. Basically if you move the encoders before putting in the note, it’ll determine the next (and subsequent) note values. And if you want to edit an existing note, press and hold that note on the grid, and move the encoders and it’ll edit that one. Hold two places on the grid and it’ll edit all notes in that range.

Nope, it is only the velocity that has that vertical-bar-kinda edit mode.
But anyway, still easy to edit length of single or multiple notes.

Pyaramid had legato in its Quantize FX, which made for great slides between monosynth notes. overlapping note length in Hapax Step mode kinda gets you there but doesn’t feel as 303 to me yet

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An overlapping note is an overlapping note. For a 303 feel you would have to have the exact right glide, which is all dependant on the receiver. Right?

I’ll just call out that the displayed Length is relative to zoom, which can be a bit tricky if you’re used to programming in absolute values.

ex. 16n/1b pattern with a note Length of 1: Putting down a note will give you a 16th note displayed as 1. Zoom in to x2 so you’re seeing the first half of the pattern, hold the note that you added and it will display note length as 2.

It makes sense once it makes sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I tried to correct that 2 back to 1, before realizing what was happening. I definitely thought I was loosing my mind for my first few days working with it.

This is correct; the overlapping note is simply telling the synth when to glide. How the glide sounds/behaves is 100% up to the synth.

I’ve A/B’d identical patterns on my TD-3 using it’s internal seq vs Hapax w/overlap. As expected, zero difference