Possible to make euclidean steps > 16?

e.g 50 or even 100?


unfortunately it is not possible
I don’t know why this mode doesn’t work the same way as the Note mode (with several pages via the left/right arrows)
but some users also have proposed (on the old forum) that the euclid sequencer be transformed as a MIDI Fx… which would make possible to have automation on the parameters and to evolve along more longer patterns (or to have polyphony, since we can have up to 4 MIDI FX per track)


Perhaps then Swing could be applied to the genetated notes!

There is so much potential for the Euclidean mode, but its current implementation is very limited.

Not to turn this into a feature request thread, but It should work more like an arpeggiator, with the option to cycle through the notes of a chord, instead of single note or single chord repeat.

and adding the swing FX should just work - no real excuse for that

nothing but love from me for my pyramid tho… :slight_smile: