Possible to CC control the master encoder?

I could not find anything from the manual so I assume there is no CC message for pressing the master encoder?

Also a footswitch what can it control Start/stop only or are there any other functions you can control with a foot pedal

Thank you!

Not that I know of, no.
But the Master Encoder usually inputs data. What data is it that you wish to modulate with an incoming MIDI CC?

I can’t imagine a scenario that wouldn’t be covered by just Assigning a CC to the parameter you wish to modulate, but I’d like to! What is it you want to modulate? (I love modifying the way I interact with devices, so truly I would like to understand what you’re going for)

A Pedal can be set to:
Hard Record
Prev Track
Next Track
Prev Seq
Next Seq
Tap Tempo
Clock Sync
Freeze Seq

See Manual -> Settings -> CV/pedal

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Thanx for responding as always, sadly it was just nothing interesting. I had the idea to have a button on my launchpad X that would trigger it so when browsing notes/chords i imagined using the left hand to trigger it and the right to turn it. Just lazy and tell my self it would be less cumbersome… :slight_smile:

Probably not in practice. I must say though that setting up the Launchpad to select tracks and solo/mutes is really nice and fast if you’r in live or step mode. One button press instead of two.

Thank for info regarding a pedal, i guess it could be nice to be able to start recording and stopping when using an external controller that doesn’t sit close to the pyramid.

Thank you!

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One of the beautiful things about electronic music is that we all can have our own personalised workflow.

One of the biggest problems about electronic music is that we have to decide and implement our own personalised workflow.

Your endeavours are normal. Just remember that any repetitive task that you might want to simplify will, in time and if it’s something you have to do often, become so second nature you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to simplify it. (Well, not really - but it could happen)

If you want to hear about insanity and trying to re-interpret user interface, step over to my pit of despair and weep.