Polyrytmic or polymetric

What mode do you guys use; polyrytmic or polymetric? And why the particular mode, pro/cons?
I just can’t decide but think I remember loopop’s Youtube-video where he said that you can do polymetric in polyrytmic mode but not the other way around. Or am I way off?

I use Polyrythm ( the default) almost always.
but neither is correct/better, its just a matter ‘taste’, or what you are trying to acheive.

I think the manual is very good at explaining the difference

but of course, the best way to ‘feel it’ is to try it…
no reason not to switch between the two for different ‘songs’ :slight_smile:


i’m using polymetric mode, running several phrases consisting of same 16ths or 8ths notes, but having different overall length, in parallel

this works well for dancefloor-oriented music, which is structured in various kinds of 16th note patterns, and plays well with synths’ builtin sequencers that are always built with 16-step paradigm in mind.

But you can do polymetric in polyrytmic mode, but maybe easier to go with polymetric if that’s what you’re going for. I make some kind of Electronic evolving music with different track length but weird rythms due to polyrythm is not really my cup of tea. Thanks for the input!

sure, i could.
the point is that in polymetric note i always have uniform time division for all parts, but this is not always the case for polyrythmic mode.

Gonna go with polymetric.

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