Polyrhythms and time signatures

hello ! pardon me if this is a noob question. just got my hapax and im loving it. however im having trouble figuring out how to make patterns with odd time signatures like dropping a beat from a bar. or even making a song / pattern in 6/8. i know the time elasticity is a thing (an area which i am also still getting used to /confuses me about the hapax so far). but i assume there has to be an easier way to do this no ? or maybe even some cheat sheet as far as time elasticity values ? thanks in advance. also my first post here hahha so hello !

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Go to
The manual / Projects / Time Signatures

Also you can set the lenght of a pattern:
The manual / Pattern Mode / Editing Pattern Parameters

maybe im crazy but im having trouble finding a way to drop a beat from a bar for one pattern. would i just have to change the time sig for the whole project and the adjust to taste ? sorry again for the potentially noob questions just tryna figure this guy out :slight_smile: thanks

shorten the length of the pattern from 4 beats to 3 beats

is there something within a menu somewhere that might have my hapax locked to a minimum of a full bar? one bar is the lowest my pattern parameters is allowing me to go as far as i can tell currently ? maybe im missing something

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hahah ok yep there we go ! didn’t think to do that lol . thank you for the help :slight_smile: