Polyphonic Digitakt on a single Pyramid track

I had a go at setting up a midi channel cycling situation to enable playing all 8 digitakt tracks at once. There are a few different ways to go about doing this…many of which are noted on Aldo’s youtube post below.
I used the one he uses in his setup (Max MSP patch on the computer). There are ‘non-computer’ options too, like the retrokit cable. They all work the same way - each new note triggers the next midi channel and loops back after channel 8.
Anyhow, through a single USB midi channel on the Pyramid the channel cycling worked like a charm and I was able to sequence the digitakt polyphonically without issue from the pyramid.

This has me very excited. A polyphonic digitakt is exciting enough, but to be able to have it on a single pyramid track as well is epic.
FYI in case anyone around here uses the two machines together!

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