Polyphonic (4 note) Trigger Note + Gate Per-track

Hello Squarp Community,

I’m finally to the point of trying to work out some compositions with Hermod and would like to try some 4 voice polyphonic sequences, but have run into issues trying to get the correct outcome. I’ve got a Moog Matriarch in this case, with the following setup:

  • Hermod with a 4voice Poly voice setting for track 1 (taking up tracks 1-4 on Hermod)
  • Pitch CV per track of Hermod going out to each oscillator of the Matriarch
  • Gate CV per track multipled (star-mult, 4 in 1 out) to Matriarch envelop triggers
  • 1 note playing at different times (say, step 1 track 1, step 3 track 2, etc…) per tracks 1-4

With this setup, I’m getting strange behavior on gate triggers where it seems to only be playing the note + gate of track 1, but I see the rest of the tracks firing when they should, I’m just not hearing anything audibly, like the gate isn’t firing for some reason even though I see it flash on the module.

I’ve tried multiple configurations (unison 4voice, mono 4 tracks independently) but it doesn’t seem to generate predictable results. Unison seems to fire all voices, but I’d like to send different notes per track from Hermod to each oscillator to generate chords effectively.

Does anyone have advice on how to set something like this up? If I could send CV to each track from Hermod and have the tracks fire the corresponding oscillators on Matriarch (1 or multiple tracks triggered per note), this would be really great!

Thank you in advance for any tips/tricks

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have you tested with 4 regular oscillators/envs/vca?

I tried, with latest firmware - just set track 1 to 4 voice /poly , volt/gate to osc/envs and all worked fine.
(its useful to have retrig = on, but that’s not really an issue unless you start wanting voice stealing)

passive mults are not suppose to have multiple outputs connected - this is the equivalent of connecting outputs together, which is a no-no , on modular… and results will be spurious (at best!)
these are used to take 1 output to N inputs.

Im not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, (as I don’t have a matriarch)
but if the idea is your doing some kind of paraphonic setup, where ANY of the gates should trig your env… then something like a logic OR module or a unity mixer is best option (actually any dc mixer will likely work)

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Ahh yes, the passive mult situation is definitely an issue, you’re right! I don’t have a buffered mult to test with but will see if I can route through a mixer to sum the gate signals maybe (limited modules to experiment with).

I’m basically trying to get a setup where I can send note signals to 1 or all of the OSCs on the Matriarch from Hermod, while also making sure that the envs get triggered when any or all OSCs are triggered. I’m able to hear each OSC while using Unison mode 4 voice from Hermod, but I don’t get the different note values from anything beyond track 1 from Hermod in that case so no chord type sequencing…

Is there a way to route gates for a polyphonic Hermod setup, out from one tracks gate port somehow? Where it would capture each gate from the Poly tracks and send them from one tracks gate out? That would probably solve this!


Heads up to anyone else, I solved this by actually changing a setting on the Matriarch. A global setting on the synth called “Paraphonic Unison” defaults to NO and setting it to YES allows it to hit all oscillators on every trigger. Hermod set to polyphonic song type on the track then sends out the pitch CV to each oscillators’ pitch in on Matriarch, for whichever note is set on the step. I summed the gates of each track on Hermod for the 4 polyphonic tracks, into a mixer to send out to the Matriarch envelop triggers.

Works great!

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Feature request :wink:

Unless I’m doing something way out of the realm, it would be convenient if, when we’re using a polyphonic track type, we could sum each gate from each track and assign the gate output to one of the tracks in the poly voice. Not sure if this is technically feasible of course but that would be nice!

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send all feature requests to Squarp via contact form

lots of things are feasible, I guess it could be a different poly mode, so as well as unison, you could have ‘paraphonic’ which would place all gates on the first track.
touch base with Squarp, they are the ones to judge if it’s easy to implement, and if many other users have requested it.

anyway, glad to hear you have it working!

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