Polymeter problem

Ok, I’m having trouble big time with polymeter mode.

I’m trying to input the following sequence into Pyramid:

8 measures in 4/4 time, two in 6/4, one in 5/4, 4 in 6/4 again, one in 4/4 and loop.

I can input the measures into the sequencer in Play mode just fine, but in Seq mode, I cannot for the life of me input the right measure length into Pyramid. Seems like Pyramid is focused on 4/4 time, and in Seq mode, sequence lengths are referred to “4/4 length” even if they have a different time signature.
In which case I would need a way to input “fractional” measure lengths into the play list (not the "1/4 - 3/4 mode available, but more like “1 2/4” for a 6/4 measure, “1 /1/4” for a 5/4 one, etc).

Is this even possible in Pyramid? Has anyone found a workaround? :persevere:


Might be obvious, but… I just add two identical sequences in a row and do some math :wink:
1 2/4 = 1 + 2/4
5/4 = 1 + 1/4
6/4 = 1 + 1/2

Hopes this helps :wink:

Hello, yes, thanks a lot!
Actually, I had thought of this, but had discarded it as a kludge… it’s not very natural at all, especially when recording on the sequencer by playing from sheet music.

But I understand Pyramid doesn’t offer other solution than this trick… I just wish it was less oriented to 4/4 signatures, but then again most (all?) sequencers are. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I haven’t bought a Pyramid yet, and I’m struggling to understand how it works with time-signatures. But my concern is the same, that Pyramid somehow uses 4/4 as the ultimate reference for everything else, rather than letting you choose another time-signature and step rate as your global basis.

Has anyone tried changing the default signaute in misc settings to see if it changes things? Probably doesn’t but it would be perfect if that was tied to the sequencer behavior on a per file basis. If I get a chance I’ll test it myself and report back