Please make MIDI input channel / each track available! Any workarounds with iConnectivity gear?


Still I’m scratching my head…

It REALLY would be great if we could choose a MIDI input channel for each track, and have that connection always active during the session, also when another track is set to ‘active’.

Now things get messed up a little with the rigid structure of MIDI channel assignment.

The thing is, there really doesn’t seem to be a way to play my keys together, use the very fun HOLD / RELATCH or MIDI FX live (pre-recording) while not having to influence the MIDI input of an activated track by the wrong keyboard.

When MULTITRACK BANK A is on, incoming midi data from a specific channel are recorded only to a fixed track with the same number of that channel. In this case, you don’t have any flexibility over the tracks so it’s not possible to have multiple tracks for the same channel on that bank, copy/paste to another place, etc…

Aren’t there any workarounds?

I’m using iConnectivity MIDI4+ now instead of the Kenton mergers / thru box, and that’s already a difference in performance. But I still feel I’m struggling with finding the right way to work with my live setup…




Channel input + synth/drum tracks

They know about it. I am hoping for it. All we can do is hope and wait. :wink:


Okay, hope it will be done…
In fact it’s something essential for live MIDI recording / looping, that you can choose per track where the midi comes from and where it flows to…

fingers crossed! :slight_smile:


Has there been a resolution to this? I’m pulling my hair out because for some inexplicable reason I sometimes have tracks responding to MIDI notes on other channels. It is unacceptable and completely demolishes a performance. I cannot figure out why it’s happening and it is not consistent. I’ve tried with Multitrack on Bank A and Multitrack Off - I always have MIDI Echo turned off, I’m on a different track number than the MIDI channel that is sending notes, and the current track is on yet a different channel as well. So why is the active note on the current track constantly shifting to match what’s coming in on a different track?!?