Please help with transposing workflow (single bassline track transposition along the sequence)


could please someone help with: How to work with transpose functions…

I need this:

  1. record bass line to track (I can do that)
  2. assign bass line a key / scale (I did that)
  3. record transpose with master transpose track (not sure how) or change in realtime with an assigned encoder shortcut (I need to transpose with relation to the scale / key the track is recorded in [I’ve also assigned one of encoders to transpose, but after moving encoder Pyramid says “no master key set” along with the small picture telling me that “range was not set”, even I’ve set the i.e. Cmaj scale])

I’m new to Pyramid and I understand I can transpose intelligently with Pyramid, i.e. transpose in relation to key/scale I’m in, no just dumb transpose by semitones/tones, as some simple sequencers do.

How can I work with transpose easily, use encoder shortcut, use master track?

I’m just a simple man and I did not fully get it from the manual/videos.


“Easily” is a can of worms, IMO: what is easy for one is cumbersome for others, perhaps.
I’m not terribly bright or learned, but I’ll try to help. Feel free to disregard if I’m way off base.

If you just want to Transpose to a new Key, you can do this all in one MIDI Effect Scale, but you won’t be able to assign a single Encoder to this as (I think) you’d have to modulate Key and Transpose parameters.

If you only have one key change in a song, then it might be easier to record the Track in the key that is used most. Then create the Scale MIDI FX for the second key and Assign an Encoder to the Enable parameter. Then you just have to turn the knob to invoke the new key, and turn it back to return to the original key.

If you want to change keys often, and these can be applied to specific Tracks with automation in the Tracks themselves.

Using a Master Effect is possible, also - using the Encoders or incoming MIDI CC data you can change the Scale and Key of all Scale MIDI FX. However Transposing will be an additional step in that you have to define a Transpose Track (use the Track -> Channel settings and define the Track as a Master Transpose Track) and also set up the Track to accept transposition via Track Options (2nd + Track), then click the Trsp box.

Note for slightly more advanced MIDI stuff: You can also create a Loopback which can create a single Pad to invoke all parameters to change multiple parameters with one button.

Note for advanced MIDI stuff: Event Processor

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Thank You :slight_smile: :+1: