Please Explain Calibration

Just trying to learn my new Hermod… OS update for 1.6 says… “(note that this new firmware is not compatible with your last DAC calibration, you will have start a DAC calibration again).”

Where is the procedure for calibrating the DAC? Don’t see that in the quickstart or anywhere else.

In addition, I completely don’t understand this procedure for calibrating the ADC;

“ADC CALIBRATION: hold Y at startup. Select the input to calibrate (A, B, C or D) with 1, 2, 3 or 4. Rotate the encoder to fine tune the ADC voltage. Press the encoder to select the voltage to calibrate, from -4V to +4V (tips: the 8 CV OUT always output the selected voltage). Save this calibration: press X.”

Huh?? to fine tune the ADC voltage to what? To select the voltage to calibrate? Does this require an input? I need a little more clarification regarding this procedure.


if its a new Hermod you probably don’t need to calibrate it (gets calibrated at the ‘factory’)

if you do need to calibrate you need a good quality multi-meter

the manual details the process for calibrating both ADC and DAC.

generally :

DAC (outputs)= hold encoder while powering on.
then you connect outputs of hermod to your multimeter, and for each output ‘tune’ into each voltage level in turn.

ADC (inputs) = hold Y while powering up
similar process, you got thru each input, for each voltage level
you can use an external voltage or if the the DAC has been calibrated you can use the hermods outputs.

but there’s a detailed explanation in the manual (link above)

Ok, thanks for the reply and info.

I’m on 1.6 and not getting any voltage output from the device when trying to calibrate the CVins. I just completed the CV out calibration process. is there a special function or combination needed to turn on the outputs while in ADC calibration not stated in the manual?