Playing sequences

Hi, I will own a Hermod quite soon and I am wondering how you keep 16 sequences apart? I don’t see an option to name a sequence. What are the best practices for keeping sequences apart?


Anyone? @squarpadmin

Do you mean is there a way to label them so you know which is which? If so, then only by number. Naming and rearranging would be useful but on the list of priorities for me it’s down near the bottom.

Ah OK. Just looking for a way to optimise workflow during performance. Like Song mode on Elektron Digiboxes have the option to label sequences “intro”, “verse”, “chorus”, etc.

Yeah, it would be useful for those working on longer modular sets etc. I’m not one of those though - I’m an unpatch, wipe the slate kinda Yoshi :slight_smile:

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