Play pause problems

I have a problem some channels of my pyramid are in play stop and never stop. When I make a sequence the sequence is cut and I don’t understand why. I try to enter in contact with the company but my “e-mail” address don’t work so I can’t enter in contact with them. Hope they give me some help because it’s bad to have just 6 channel working on 16 available for my hardware. Thaaanks for the response :pray:

given it works on some tracks and not others, it sounds like its a configuration issue.

unfortunately, I don’t really understand your issue (and i suspect given no one else responded, others may not either)

can you tell us a bit more about the project you have setup.

also please note, that if you have used ‘save tracks’ in settings then you have altered the defaults for a particular track - which would explain why even a new project would have the same issue.

Do you have a Instagram so I can show you my setup and send you a video with the problem. I already call my retailer normally he gonna check it to see if everything it’s normal. Btw thank you for your response I was not hoping for it a big big thanks :fire::pray:

sure if you post an instagram video, I can view it.

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