Pitch-Quantise incomming CV

Hi all, i am getting used to my new Hapax and i like it alot so far.

I have a question: how can i pitch quantise incomming cv. i know i can put a scaler effect, but afaik this effects the outgoing pitch message. is there a way i can also quantise incomming pitch messages?

and is there a possibility to applay a range. so all incomming cv will be bend into a 2 octave range?

lets say i have an incomming sequence and it goes until c5, can hapax make it stop at c4 and the incomming notes will be transposed down 1 or 2 octaves accordingly?


If a track is set to listen to CV/Gates as notes, incoming CV is automatically quantized to the nearest corresponding MIDI note.

After that, you can indeed use a SCALER effect, which will constrain the incoming CV to a given scale.

Finally, you could also put a HARMO effect with ORIGIN=OFF and HARMO1=-12 to transpose an octave down manually. You could do that either before or after the SCALER.

I would recommend using an external attenuverter/offset module to achieve this, like the excellent Befaco AB+C*, or the discontinued Mutable Instruments Blinds.

If you’re recording the incoming notes, you can fix this manually by selecting the rows for recorded notes above c4 and moving them down 12 or 14 rows/semitones.

The above won’t work live but maybe this will? (I haven’t tried it, I could be way off base.)
If could have the incoming CV/Gate as the input for 2 tracks, You could set up a filter effect on track 1 so that notes above c4 are filtered out, then a filter effect on track 2 to only allow notes above c4 and then drop those high notes down an oct or two via the harmonizer.