Pickups (preroll and postroll)

I just posted the following feature request to the fine people at squarp (the file attached to the request is here), posting here in the hope of improving the request, finding mistakes in my thinking/writing and in general discussing the idea:


Pickups are pretty normal in music. To be clear a pickup (my definition here) is “musical elements that occur at the end of one section, but musically/logically is a part of what’s happening in the next section” (like the first syllable “A” in the song “Amazing grace”).

Sadly no loop based sequencers that I know of handles this, Hermod included. In my own music this means that there are certain melodic possibilities that I simply don’t write, which I find a shame.

So I humbly request you fine people consider implementing pickups in Hermod, it would really set the Hermod apart from everything else.

I attached a (dummy) composition that shows an example of that can’t be handled currently - well it can be handled, but it would require 6 sequences

  1. only pickup in line one, used if song is performed with A as first part
  2. A with first repeat (for A followed by A)
  3. A with second repeat (for A followed by B)
  4. only pickup for line 2 (last note in line 1), used if song is performed with B as first part
  5. B with first repeat (for B followed by B)
  6. B with second repeat (for B followed by A)

So basically an A-sequence for every combination of what comes before it (nothing, A or B), which means that with three parts the required number of sequences would be 12, exceeding the available number of sequences in the Hermod. Also during the performance I would have to know (+ execute change) an extra sequence ahead so for AABBA, brackets indicated what I would have to press:
[select seq 1]
A pickup plays, while playing [select seq 2=“A->A”]
A plays, while playing [select seq 3=“A->B”]
A plays, while playing [select seq 5=“B->B”]
B plays, while playing [select seq 6=“B->A”]
B plays, while playing [select seq 2=“A->A”]
A plays, [stop Hermod] before pickup plays
A plays, while playing

Ok, so how would I like to see pickups implemented?

  1. Every sequence has a per track setting of “preroll”, in beats (lets say SEQ2/track2 has preroll of 4)
  2. Whenever switching to SEQ 2, the last 4 beats of SEQ2/track2 would play early starting 4 beats in advance
  3. Every sequence has a per track setting of “postroll”, in beats (lets say SEQ3/track2 has postroll of 4)
  4. Whenever switching from SEQ 2, the first 4 beats of SEQ3/track2 would play after the switch, then resume playback of the new, switched-to SEQ on beat 5
  5. It should handle that the performer changes her mind in the midst of pre/postroll.

I hope my explanation makes sense, that I didn’t mess it up and that you would consider this feature request, taking the Hermod to the next level!

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