Piano roll bar end indicator suggestion

It would be very helpful if the step mode piano roll display showed where bar one ends and the next begins. I am working in 12/8 time (pretty common eg Oxygene) and I am constantly having to calculate bar boundaries. All the piano roll screen shows for this is which screen I am on. So for an 8 bar track in 12/8 zoomed to x1 there are 6 screens and it shows 1/6, 2/6 etc.

Just a small dot or line showing bar boundaries would be convenient. Or maybe some indication of which bar/beat the screen starts at.

It would also be great to be able to scroll horizontally to a bar boundary.

Just a suggestion.


Oh, yes. For sure!
This is REALLY an issue for those who don’t work systematically with a 4/4 Time Signature
(even the metronome visual indicator should be adapted to other time divisions)

Actually, this had been discussed several times on the old forum
and I think that the most effective solution would be to simply start each new bar in a new page
in other words, no more “two different bars in the same page”! because it is really messy

I think that it would not be too difficult for Squarp to identify the first beat of each bar and make sure that it is at the beginning of a page
at the end, it gives us a bit more pages, but it would be SO much clearer…

example in 12/8:
12 steps in 8th notes resolution
then you go to the next page for the next bar

otherwise it leads to very untidy things
for example when we have several bars for a pattern with 15 steps per bar, the second bar starts at the Pad#16 :face_with_raised_eyebrow::dizzy_face::confounded:
and the third bar on pad#14…and so on…


note: there is already a visual indication for a bar which does not fill the 16 steps
(try to make a pattern with a 12/8 time signature, 1 bar length, x1 zoom)
the exact same thing could be used to separate bars when we have patterns with several bars length


I agree with what’s been said here, I’d really appreciate an indicator of where you are in the bar of your track, since it makes working in time signatures that aren’t multiples of 4 really difficult and frustrating.

Another potential solution: there are 16 pads, but if you could choose a number others than 16 to be shown on each page (ideally per-track), that would be extremely helpful. Maybe you could even pick numbers larger than 16 and have the bars wrap to the next page…

Even a simple waltz is very confusing to program due to the current bar-less page system.


yes indeed
a simple 3/4 signature ends up with “hybrid pages” (with different bars in the same page)…

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totally agree with what have been said above
you all have my +1 :slight_smile:

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and I would add that the “bar tracking” on the STEP main screen no longer works when we are not in 4/4
that is a real problem too

but hopefully all this would will be fixed in the next update :wink:


yeah…Indeed, I think the two problems are linked

In step mode we can transpose , velocity etc the chords . Is there any way to move entire notes range or chords completely horizontal ?

Yo. For moving a step or small amount of steps, hold down the step or steps you want to move using the pads and then press < or >. Pads should be lit to show there’s a step there to move. If they’re unlit, you’ll just end up adding a step where there wasn’t one before and moving those along with the rest.

This can be used to moved steps within a range too.

If you want to move a whole bunch of steps at once (like more than you have fingers to hold down pads for, hold down the pads on the first and last step and then press < or > and that will shift the whole range.

If you < or > steps beyond the track length they will wrap round again to the start of the track - or the end if you are going in the other direction. So be careful when you’re nudging up to the end of a loop - you might need to delete the spurious steps that have wrapped around.



For moving a step or small amount of steps, hold down the step or steps you want to move using the pads and then press < or >.

Whoa, I’d completely missed this functionality. Thanks for the tip!

Fabulous Jim . Top ! Many thanks :pray:t2: