Performing on the beat with quantise but it records out of time

i have quantize on, i’m recording a simple track using the minilogue into the pyramid as controller, and i play it on beat one, but it records on beat 16 of the previous bar which means when you play back the sequence you get no note on beat one…

should i be using offset for external controllers? and how would i do that? or is there another solution?

i know i’m playing on the beat because if already laid down the drums and the kick is on beat one.


Nope. Its a result of how Pyramid works.

Read this.

i’ve already read that thread i don’t see how it relates. the pyramid is supposed to be able to record a live performance accurately. yet it seems to me it’s recording inaccurately.

it would be great if someone could explain what i’m experiencing.

If you record a note a fraction of a beat before the first beat (maybe even imperceptible when listening), it will put it at the very end of the pattern with an offset. Quantize is an effect, it doesn’t change where the notes are recorded. If you want to update the recorded data with the quantized data, you can execute a Consolidate operation on the track, which should move that note to the first step.

i seemed to have no problem when i muted the drum track and only listened to the metronome. so i guess that’s a fall back… it’s possible the drum track was very early on the beat. i dunno.

frustrated at the slow learning curve but thank ful for this community.
i will look up consolidate in the manual. sounds like it will be useful.

That’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be very early, it can be even the slightest amount early. Basically unless your timing is computer-perfect, you have a 50/50 chance of whether you’re early or late. Only perfect or late timing will result in the note being recorded to the first step like you expect.

Glad I could help explain, I’m still somewhat new to the Pyramid myself.

i really appreciate your help, sometimes it feels like i’m going insane… i really hate learning new music technology because of these learning curves it takes all of a saturday to record just ONE track…

I wish the Pyramid handled this like the Elektron boxes… there’s a 50% tolerance around the beat. If you outside that, the note is nudged onto the next/previous step. Would solve this problem.

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Make some noise :wink:

i think i’d like to highlight this issue to square for development of 3.2 ofpyraOS as it seems i’m not the only person stuck by it.

I´ve suggested they change how quantization works too. The more people suggest it the better.

It´s such a big oversight in the design, I think. Having a quantize “effect” is great. And being able to consolidate effects to the track is also great. But avoiding a faulty loop is MORE important in my book. And consolidating the track STOPS playback! So that´s not always a great workaround.

In a dream world a sequencer like this shouldn´t even stop playback when you save your project. WorkFLOW is everything. :slight_smile: