Performance Pattern Creation

Is it possible to be playing a pattern on a track and create a new pattern on the same track, then trigger it to play? In other words, real time performance pattern creation without stopping the current pattern on the same track?

Also I would love to be able to add slew (glide) between notes.



Not sure about editing a pattern while another one is playing in the same track, I think it shows only the active pattern, but I might be wrong. You could just use another track tho.
Glide is normally a midi cc parameter on your synth, so you can do that with an automation, you just need to find the cc implementation from your synth/sampler…

I’m talking about cv glide for eurorack. Sorry for the confusion.

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you can play one project in the a slot while editing the same project in the b slot

Yeah, true. I was just hoping there would be a simpler way to create tracks in the same project in real time. Thanks for the suggestion!

Great idea! Did you suggest this to Squarp using their contact form?

I have not… new here!