Performance mod

Hapax is great for sequencing. The tool I always wanted. But something is missing in the performance.

Hapax with several modes available mpe, poly, drums. I suggest adding one on track 16. (The transposition track)
A performance mode that would allow you to roll on the gates of all tracks or just the selected one. A loop mode too why not. With all the pads, the place is there. A lot of work for sure.

Being able to record your rolls this way would be great for finding new rhythms

I am inspired by the wmd metron sequencer. He’s not the only one to use this.

This would be a fabulous addition to hapax’s performances!!!
Thank you for your work

you mean like here the gate mode?
(a good moment to ask again if “select any combination of steps” would be possible, not just the ones next to each other, but also every second or just any. thanks!)

I was thinking about that. Loop, custom roll and other. :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about some sort of Hapax performance mode every now and then. It’s already quite performative but especially since watching Oxi ONE Matriceal mode videos I’ve been thinking that it might be nice if Hapax had a performance mode where you could select patterns and adjust parameters in a consolidated way.

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