Per step probability

Any news on this? Skimmed the forum and didn’t see it in the recent update notes so I’m guessing it’s not onboard yet? On the fence about grabbing a Hermod down to this. Anyone know if it’s confirmed for roadmap? That’d be enough for me grab one.

There ain’t any per step probability at the moment, only a Random effect and Chance effect. I think it would be very difficult to edit the prob per step. Editing note per note on Hermod is not easy :wink:


Thanks for info. Couldn’t it be pretty simple elektron style implementation of ‘hold button 1-8 (defining which step) + another button + turn a knob for probability’? With limitations where needed to make it useable (possibly only available on certain time division steps etc, not the zoomed in step stuff… And global per step, not per note in chords etc…). I haven’t had hands on with Hermod yet tho so I dunno the way its all set it out and what shortcut combos are already used for other stuff.

Eyeing a couple of used deals so I’ll probably have a better idea of what you describe some time soon…

Actually, this combination of “hold step” + push and turn the encoder is already the combo for setting the velocity, length and note, it’s quite difficult to deal with… To be honest I try to avoid editing notes on Hermod, I record with a midi keyboard and when I’m not happy with the sequence, I simply delete it and start recording again.

A combination of "hold step + Y + turning the encoder maybe ? Yes, prob per step could be useful and fun, maybe it’s already in the wishlist thread but I’m not sure it’s on a roadmap , only Squarp could tell :wink:

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You can use the Chance Effect with the value set to Velocity. Then probability will be determined by the Velocity of the note being triggered.

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I use this, but I still find it awkward:

  1. to set up in the first place. I wish per-note chance was more of a first-order function instead of just an effect. But maybe that’s just me. Everyone has their own priorities.
  2. the velocity value goes up to 127, and it seems like the chance value is also out of 127. What percentage is 94 out of 127? Not easy to tell at a glance.

I think I’ll add these to my feature requests list I’ll write to Squarp.

I hear you but 127 is based on Midi velocity, it’s unlikely they’ll change that.

Any other ways around this?

Oops, I didn’t actually check which device this thread was about. Assumed is was Pyramid. Seems similar in this way though :smirk: