Pdf download manual for hapax

Hey squarp can you supply a full pdf manual for the hapax??? It’s nicer to just look up for a word in a pdf file instead of long scrolling online. Thanks.


I’ll second that :wink:

Also, when you guys create the manual, please proofread it more closely than the Pyramid one — that thing is full of typos.

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Hi @Luilu,

I’m working on it. It should come soon.


please proofread it […] that thing is full of typos.

We do :smiling_face_with_tear:
It goes through several proofreading rounds, some with native English speakers.
Maybe I should add a “Typo in manual” category in our contact form :thinking:


That’s a very mature response to my immature sniping about the manual :smile: . A contact category for manual typos sounds like a great solution.

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Happy to give it a proof read. Another way around a PDF might be to make the online manual a single page with print styles so folks can print it to a PDF.

Pros: one source of truth to manage
Cons: probably a bit of CSS/layout work

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That’s basically what I’m doing, only it’s a script that prints it to a PDF with working links, plus it produces a consistently usable layout, whereas print-to-pdf could produce differently layed out PDF depending on your browser and options.

Can confirm.


Really nice!

Good news ! The pdf manual is here!
Obviously, you can also download it from the online manual.

This has been added as well. Feel free to proofread and give us feedback, it is greatly appreciated.


Thank you, amazing!

Booomm you guys rock !! Manual is there!!:mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::mechanical_arm::grinning: now it’s time to get nerdy reading. :face_with_monocle:

Great job Squarpax.