PC messages sent too early in song mode: bug?

Hi all! I have a song with a structure that looks like this:

Section | # steps | PC message (channel 6 to Rytm MKII - presend enabled)
Section A | 640 | PC 1
Section B | 128 | PC 1
Section C | 64 | PC 2
Section D | 576 | PC 2
Section E | 128 | PC 3
Section F | 128 | PC 1
Section G | 768 | PC 1

Everything is going fine until section D. The program change that should be happening on transition to Section E is actually happening after 4 bars (64 steps) into section D - after one time through the pattern on Rytm. It seems that the PC message that should be sent on transition to Section E is being sent too early?

What’s really interesting is that if I reduce the length of section A to 384 steps, with no other change, the transitions work perfectly as expected!

Has anyone seen similar issues with PC messages in song mode? Is this a bug or user error? Appreciate the sanity check.


Interesting. Is Hapax running on internal or external clock when the bug appears? On the previous firmware I had a bug that looked remotely similar when running on external clock. This may not be related at all but just thought I’d say it’s probably a bug.

Thanks @polynil. Using internal clock.

Can you check in the PDF manual if you accidentally enabled the « elektron pre-send mode » (can’t remember the name). In that case the program change would be sent in advance as you describe.

But given the wide time difference, not sure it has anything to do with that

Thanks @grizely. Yes the pre-send mode is enabled ~ am controlling an elektron rytm.

Alright, so today I ran into the same issue. All scenes are multiples of 128 steps. One scene late in the song is 128 steps long but the PC message is sent after 64 steps. So Syntakt is moving to the next part too early.

I sent a bug report to Squarp. Within a day, they sent me a beta version of the OS w/ a fix! Tested it out, it seems to be working well. They told me the fix would be included in the next OS release.


I’m having a Similar issue, using midi
I have a song mode with 3 parts A, B, and C
Part A is 8 bars - Part B is 5 bars - Part C is 3 bars
it seems to start the parts late even though setup the Song Set TIME for each part correctly
using external clock set to 1BAR sync
not sure if anyone else has run into this problem
if they have a fix to work correctly

Just want to add that I’m having the same issue. Setup: Hapax (MIDI out) —> (MIDI in) Vermona DRM

In my most recent Project while working in Song mode, Section D is triggered after Section C but incorrectly begins at Bar 3 (32 steps in), instead of Bar 1. Strangely, if I place Section D after Section B, it triggers correctly.

I upgraded to OS 1.13, but am still having the same problem. I reported the bug to Squarp yesterday, but no reply yet.

I’ve tried deleting all song parts and patterns, remaking the patterns, and then adding them back in song mode. But unfortunately, the same issue has occurred every time.

same! (changing patterns from Free to Re-Start will force the correct triggers on the one but then you’re very much limited in terms of combining patterns of variable length in a given song section)

Hi, thanks for this report!
We will fix it as soon as possible, but for now can’t reproduce it with hapaxOS 1.13
Would it be possible to send us a bug report via Contact us | Squarp instruments ?
The best would be to get a small procedure in the report, and maybe your project so we can work on it.
Have a nice day!

Noticed it too while recording my first song. I’ll send you the project asap.

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