Patterns playing at the same time

Is there a way to have more than one Pattern play at the same time? Basically, a Pattern merge function.

PyraOS 4.1

I guess not. But wouldn’t duplicating a track do the job? (unless your 64 tracks are all full)

Thank you, I think it does do the job.

I was thinking of creating one track per instrument, then patterns with some variations, then muting/unmuting patterns as needed for the song, but at some point activating multiple patterns for dramatic effect. I read that working with tracks vs patterns vs both is a private workflow thing, so I guess this would be an example for it.

So far I feel that pattern works good with following the sequences nb for me as it is less “click” to play with. But I hear your feeling. That is the cool thing with pyramid, it is so cool and full of crazy features that you’d wish there will be that additional one that would follow your instant Instinct. (if that make any sense… )

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