Patterns in Sequence Mode

Is there a way to chain patterns in Sequence mode? For instance, Track 1: pattern 1 for 4 bars; Track 1, pattern 2 for 8 bars, pattern 1 for 4 bars etc.



Chaining patterns in “pattern mode” and then transpose them in SEQ mode is pretty logical and it would break the limited amount of sequences. Sure This would be killer!!! BUt this would require a lot and a lot more of work. I don’t know where they are now with planning. Also this would require also different time length inside the same track. maybe …

We are near to the finishing of the 3.0 OS, so I hope that some future planning will be exposed.

Anyway, No it doesn’t exist a way , no way to chain patterns, at least not yet.


Yes @rastro2 this is definitely possible!

Finally, if you use SEQ mode, you can set in each sequence (SE01 to SE32) a different pattern

From Pyramid Manual | Squarp instruments

Thanks! I think I tried that but may have been doing something wrong. I’ll give it another try. I really want to like this sequencer, but I used an Akai ASQ-10 for years, so the workflow is a bit counterintuitive to what I’m used to (where each “track” is an instrument, and “patterns” are chained together to make a “song”). I’ve almost been tempted to just get an ASQ from eBay, but there are many cool features of the Squarp. I’ll keep at it!

You gots to do this in Sequence mode.

Go to the track that contains the patterns you want to chain. (Make sure patterns are enabled for that track, hold step and track to switch between patterns - you probably figured this bit out already)
Make sure the pattern you want to include in your chain is playing or selected.
Save that ‘state’ to a sequence by pressing SEQ and a pad.
Choose your next pattern you want to chain in the track that holds your patterns.
Save that state to another sequence.
Keep going until each pattern you want to chain has it’s own sequence.
Jump over to sequence mode and chain them together. (Scroll past perform, play and loop til the arrow at the bottom of the display is blacked out, then push the main encoder)
There’s some interplay between pattern delay and sequence delay you will need to wrap your head around in settings.
Would suggest sequence length wins and that way you define how long the pattern plays/loops for when you specify the length of the link in the chain.

Let me know how you get on.

Where was it going wrong for you before?

Stick with your Pyramid. It gets easier.



WTH guys, we are talking about pattern chain and not Sequence Chain , so
pattern chain as it may mean here; literally “chaining patterns”, doesn’t exist , and so you are inventing it.
This you are talking about is just sequence mode and its logical that patterns are chained if sequences are chained :nerd_face:.
But 'pattern chain mode ’ does not exists !!!

track1 - pattern 1
Track 1 - pattern 2 ( you want this pattern attached to pattern 1 )

If you want to copy/paste one pattern on the other is not possbile. This copy/paste is now reserved only to copy above the previous pattern, so basically is gonna happen that you hear 2 patterns running in one. And actually its quite crazy.

If I am not wrong doesn’t exist a way yet to can copy LITERALLY a pattern track after the other.

The only way comes to my mind is copying the page of a pattern in a added page of an other pattern .

So, the only way , and I haven’t tried yet, is (after adding some STEP PAGE on the pattern of your selection)copying a a page of a pattern and paste it at the end of the other pattern ( not above otherwise it just write over ) and see what happens but I am sure you can’t have different signature.

actually I have to try that


Pattern changing would be awesome. It could be easy: whilst on pattern screen, hold “pattern” and “assign” then press the patterns in the order you wish them to play. They will now cycle in that order. It would be very, very useful for dynamic performances and also open up some cool polymetry stuff. Pattern chain is a classic for a reason.


I have not even looked at the sequencer part yet. I did not think it would help for live looping music creation on the fly. I thought it was more for performing a pre written set of patterns.

What I was trying to do was get out of the computer. Because recording pattern one after another is the absolute basics in Ableton.

Track to track would work if you could easily stop one from playing and record the next.

Let’s say I have an “A section” of C, D, G, G (one bar each. When that section is done I want to chang the same bass notes to A, D G C… or something else. Just a bass line of AABA is all I am trying to do on the fly

You want this to happen while playing?
Or you just want a quick way to do it?

I’m not really a musician, but I’d:

  • Program the A Section (1 Bar)
  • Duplicate the data 2x (so it’s the A Section 4x)
  • Go to Step Mode and edit, Mono Mode,
  • Go to the “B” section (page 3 if you’re in a common Zoom and 4/4, etc)
  • Select the “Note C” Events & Move to “A”, etc
  • Then the G to C.

That is actually a fast enough sequence for me that I would not lose my train of thought and (I think) minimal button presses, only taking you out of the ‘playing’. I’d suggest it’s probably a common sequence of events, but that might just be my personal workflow - I have no idea. But IMO it’s a fairly decent sequence of events to make this happen that would be ultra fast when you’ve done it a few times


But…this is not different Patterns, right?

If you want to [Play]/[Record] it specifically, then yeah: I’d record as separate Tracks and then Copy/Paste as necessary. Again: I’m not really a musician.


The Pyramid is not able yet (?) to chain multiple pattern into a seq, only seq to seq
I already send a request about that, they are aware we would like this feature.

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