Pattern Start Offset - Similar to Octatrack Arranger

Is it currently possible to offset the start point of a pattern when building Sections? Is something I use quite often in the Octatrack to get more mileage out of patterns. Being able to change the step a pattern stars on to go with the ability to limit the steps / bars a pattern plays per section would be great. Also, delayed pattern start per section. Being bale to push a pattern back a few steps and then have it start vs having two Sections to achieve the same effect would be nice. Maybe I am just missing these features so far.

Thanks in advance.

inserting blank measures in a pattern is the only way i’m aware of to make it start off the one

the second use case . . . nope. other than creating a one-bar pattern with the note(s) you want to start on the immediately prior measure. then shorten the normal pattern in Song mode by a bar and insert the one-bar pattern where it normally would be (aka, why i switched to Deluge for the Arranger mode)

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yeah, not very useful with the current 8 pattern limitation. Thanks for the response!