Pattern "Restart" should be default instead of "free"

The topic already says it all. I used the song-mode for the 1st time and it took ages to figure out what’s going on. Then I put all the patterns to “restart”, which also took ages, and the song mode worked as expected. Does anyone even use “free-mode”?


i need to use Free mode to run long vocal patterns over 32+bar stretches but have found that it doesn’t consistently reset the next pattern on that track to beat one. never figured out why but find Deluge’s arranger mode fits my use cases better all around anyway

Maybe there is a case when you not want a pattern start from the beginning. I couldn’t think of one, but It’s always good to have the opportunity. What I don’t understand is: Why is it default?

I agree. I always have to do that with every pattern as well. Thought it was my rather rigid way of doing things, though. Would prefer a different default.

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Ditto. Pyramid had the same default and never understood it (or found a use-case) there either, but then it had an option to change the default, which made it mostly a non-issue. Having mostly forgot about it, caused some gray hairs on Hapax to debug songs going mad before I remembered it again. I ended up going through all the patterns of all the tracks to change and save it to the template project. Can’t say I enjoyed the experience.

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Same here. Once I figured this out, everything worked as expected. Why isn’t it the default?

agree that it should be the default… crazy to me that it isn’t.

I agree an option in the settings to set a default value (like Pyramid apparently) would be perfect.

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I’m adding my co-sign in agreement to liking this suggestion. I’d love to be able to set “restart” as the default.

Reckon because of the MMT-8…

and also most other sequences have tracks that are free running and you just mute/unmute them - so that’s ‘default’ behaviour in the Sequencer land. One of the main reasons I got a Pyramid is because it could behave more like Ableton Live and triggered sequences from the start (which in itself was a revelation at the time)

It’s much more useful, but can see why it’s not default.

I definitely don’t want it to default to restart as I mostly use free. How about just a “which one is default” setting in the config menu?


Can you explain what the problem is then with the song mode, when the pattern isnt on restart? What is with program changes, are these read only once or repedeatly when the pattern is cycled?

What really annoys me is that once all 128 patterns (now 256) has been set to restart, and I delete one for a fresh melody, it’s on free again :cry:

I would prefer the default remain “free”. It’s a really fun way to cut out patterns and add them back in for buildups without having to wait for the entire melody or something. The solo functionality and the new mutes may eventually replace the need for them, but habits are hard to break.

I find “restart” significantly more frustrating to use, but is the only way to make using polyrhythms bearable (or anything not 4/4).

It is easy - select first pattern, hold 2nd - whole column is active - change as you prefer

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