Pattern: extend + copy?

Is it possible on the Hermod to extend a pattern and have the new part of the pattern automatically be filled with what was there before the extend?

Useful example: I have a two bar melody, now I want to make it four bars, with a light variation in bar four…

I really want the ability to easily extend a pattern length 2x, duplicating the existing pattern, and also cut a pattern length in half. If I had an option to change the default behavior of holding Y + turning the encoder to do this, I would absolutely enable that option.

Another alternative UI for this might be to hold down Y and press one of the 1-8 number buttons. For example:

Y+1 could be “cut pattern length in half”
Y+2 could be “double pattern length, duplicating the existing pattern”
Y+3 could be “double pattern length without duplicating”

Y+4…8 could be other step-mode related things

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no not currently possible - we just have copy n’ paste page.

I’d also like the ‘double’ as an option (on the encode menu would be fine).
This was added ‘later’ on the pyramid, and I use it quite a bit.

an alternative approach would be ‘paste as new page’, when used at the ‘right’ zoom, level this becomes very similar to double - but is a little more flexible - and perhaps more in line with current UI direction (?)

anyway, one to throw over to as a feature request.

another approach which could be more interesting would be to separate the concept of track/pattern length and loop start/end.

this is quite a nice way of being able to ‘prep’ things without being heard.
Track Len(TL) =8, Loop Start(LS) =1, Loop End(LE)=8
then we increase TL=16, but LS/LE remain the same - so we hear same thing.

but now we can paste the 1-8 page, onto 9-16, perhaps alter it a bit…
and once done, we simply change LE=16 to hear the change.

whats nice about this approach, is you can build longer patterns and move around them by moving LS/LE.

that said… I think very unlikely to happen, as probably quite a big software change.
but we can dream :slight_smile:

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