Pattern 1 with PC shown as empty?

I’ve just started using Patterns and the Track Option to send PC to my Digitakt on each Pattern and I’ve noticed something strange.

While Patterns 2-32 all show the CC indicator which means there is CC data on the Pattern, Pattern 1 does not, even though it is set in Track Options to send PC 01. Perhaps not surprisingly Pattern 1 is shown in the Pattern display as if it is a 100% blank pattern with blank checker board looking square.

Changing from any other Pattern (which send other Program Changes) back to Pattern 1 DOES in fact send the PC 01, but I’m confused why the Pyramid is showing this Pattern as blank.

Here are photos of the details for Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 which show what I’m talking about:

Any thoughts?

Sorry for bumping an old topic if this has been answered elsewhere… But I believe it may be because a track will show Note if there is note data and CC if there is only CC data… but if there is neither other note data or an extensive amount of CC data and only that… Pyramid won’t display anything because there is neither Note or other types of CC data on that pattern…

I’m probably wrong here… but I think Program Changes are a very specific type of CC.

Strictly speaking Program changes are not CCs,
But like channel pressure when present on a track are shown as a CC event on the display.

The reason the CC event indicator is not shown on the display and track is shown as empty in this example is because it’s been set as a property of the track, not as a sequences event.