Patience and waiting for hapax to arrive

I’ve never waited so long for something I’ve purchased like this, starting to get impatient
possibly because I didn’t receive the email saying it’s going to be late which is concerning.
Any more feedback yet I’m missing? We are a couple weeks away from June being over.

This maybe?

I know a lot of companies are having issues with Shanghai being completely shutdown for almost 2 months. I pre-ordered the Expressive E Osmose in November 2019 and they’ve still not managed to get any production units… but that’s world events for you, it’s not really Squarp’s (or Expressive E’s) fault that everything was shutdown and that world shipping is still a complete nightmare.

Well I didn’t get an email which is bothering me,
I’ve searched for it but I definitely did not receive it.
Also I live in Australia will I still receive it before the end of June it’s only couple weeks away…
A little more information would make me happy rather than hearing it from other people

Have you emailed Squarp?

Im in same position… waiting, waiting on Osmose.
so, yeah, by comparison, Squarp seem to be very much on the ball with Hapax.

indeed, if you have questions about things like delivery times, please contact Squarp directly.
but also… I think a bit of patience is really the order of the day here.

also, a bit of searching on the forum, would have found this post where @Thibault_Squarp stated there were delays, and that was only 12 days ago.

probably best, if we keep queries on that one topic, and also only ask for updates as we past ‘new deadlines’

I’ll retitle that thread, so its more obvious that this is where updates might occur.
(unless Squarp have a new one)