Pasting in step mode... kinda confusing?

it took me a second to realize that when you copy a bunch of note events in step mode, when you paste them somewhere else, the button you press and hold on the grid before pressing paste is where the bottom note of what you copied will end up.

on a big pattern spanning multiple vertical screens of the grid, this adds a cumbersome element where you have to evaluate where that last note was and then finding it in another pattern on another track is not particularly intuitive.

am i missing something or is there a way to simply copy the selection and then paste it at the vertical level it came from?


the current approach allows you to transpose notes, without pasting then shifting.

ok, this would be such a big deal, just makes a two step process
with the current approach you can past into a region which has ‘overlapping’ notes, i.e. to layer notes.

a simple example (for explanation only() - imagine you have a 3 note chord, you can copy/paste that chord into the same bar, but transposed up n’ octave.
you could not do this with the two step process, since the paste would paste over the existing notes.

there are many more creative examples than this, e.g. pasting with a note offset, (but that still has overlaps)

so Id say thats the reason, its part of the workflow…

of course, someone will no doubt argue, we need an option, or a new shortcut where you press x+y together… but that introduces UI complexity.
but hey… if you have ideas for that send them to squarp via the contact form.

also bare in mind this only applies to block select…
if you use column select, then you simply press the bottom pad and it works as expected.
so when your just repeating sections (arguably most common case…) this is the way to do it.