Paraphonic Setup?

How do you set up Hermod if you want to play paraphonically? For example, three VCOs with individual pitch going though one VCA with one envelop generator?

i usually do this way:
-set up a track as polyphonic 3 voices
-send the 3 gates to a mixer that goes to the envelope that opens the vca
-send the 3 vco to a mixer that goes to the vca

you might wanna play around with the allocating option in the midi fx to your liking. also there might be other better ways to do it that i’m unaware of

This is what I am doing. The Problem is: it only works if you play a chord with three notes all the time. if you play one note, one vco will follow, but the other two will maintain their pitch. Paraphonic for me means: if you play one note -> all VCO get the same pitch (unisono), if you play two different notes -> two VCO get two different pitches, the third one gets one of the pitches played, if you play three different pitches -> each VCO get a different pitch, if you play four different notes -> same as before, but forth pitch gets ignored. And so on.

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Yes! This needs to ba cared for… just adding a HI and LOW parameter to the Allocator Midi FX would allow for setups similar to classic paraphonic capabilities like Maxikorg 800DV, Rolandh SH7 and more recent things like Moog Sub(sequent)37 etc… should be a really simple piece of code to write I would imagine?


did this ever happen?

nothing has changed in this area afaik.

you can check the firmware release notes, to see if changes have been made.

if you would like a feature that is not included, then please contact squarp via the contact form

Have you not read the release notes? I will wade through them and report back.

MOD EDIT : we dont need to clog up the entire thread, with something Id already posted the link too !

Ive left the two relevant (ones after above posts date)

hermodOS V1.71
December 21, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Changing track length by 1/16th note increments was broken

hermodOS V1.7
December 17, 2020

New features

  • Double/divide track length : hold X+Y, rotate the encoder
  • Global mute : in TRACK mode, press & hold the encoder, then select the track to be muted with pad 1 to 8. A cross will be shown on the screen. This track will stay muted even if you change the sequence, and will stay muted until you enable it again with encoder + pad
  • Step mode, randomize a selection : hold a step and press Y
  • Cancel scheduled sequence : when a sequence is armed to be played next, press this sequence again to cancel the scheduling
  • Now you can mute a track even if the track is empty


  • CV IN: improved latency for gates “high level” detection
  • Code optimisation

Bug fixes

  • Fixed impossible to mute/unmute track & invisible tracks problem
  • Fixed freeze during loading of heavy projects
  • Fixed arpeggiator doubling notes
  • Fixed track randomizer always randomizing track 1
  • Fixed CV REC broken (only CC1 was working)
  • Fixed FX MIDI min note & max note issue
  • Emptying a track does not unmute it anymore

nope mention there… is searched for paraphonic and only came up with 4 results in this thread… none as part of the updates notes…

yes, Ive read them… (thats why I said, nothing had changed in this area afaik)
I was pointing out this was a useful source of information for you…

given the last post about this was Oct 20 , you only had to look at the notes for 1.7 and 1.7.1 - hardly onerous !

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