Parameter hold function

Hello all.

I am new by and haven’t done a hard search here in the forum.

I would love to see a new feature added to the pyramid. I would like the ability to hold parameter/function menu buttons. This is a very useful function that I’ve grown used to with my Social Entropy Engine sequencer (not that I want the pyramid to be the Engine). It is a great enhancement while building sequences and especially in live situations.

For instance; if I want to change a certain setting I may have to hold 2nd + track + turn encoder. I would like to be able to double click each function button and have it remain in a “hold” state. This way I will have two free hands rather than playing Twister with my fingers while changing a parameter. This hold function would also ensure me that the correct combination of keys has been depressed to access the certain function/parameter/submenu that I’m attempting to modify. Sorry if my description is not very academic. Please let me know if I need to clarify.

Thank you.


squarp have asked that all bugs/feature requests to be sent to them via their website rather than the forum.

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Yep! Loved this feature of Engine. Would be a great addition. :slight_smile: