Pams new workout not syncing

Am loving my Hapax but I can not get it to sync with Pams New Workout at all. It seems to run sporadically. I read that you need to set the tempo independently on Hapax but no matter what I do, it just will not play in sync. Anyone else having this issue?

Not sure how you are actually trying to sync, but there was an issue in FW #1.00 with din sync output and 1/96 clock output that is fixed in next firmware

Actually was trying to use pams analogue outs to cv in 1 or 2 on Hapax. None of that was working at all. Tried a bunch of open resolutions on both Pam’s and hapax. Din might be my best bet as I don’t love taking up the 2 cv ins anyway. Just curious as to something I might be missing

I’m clocking my Hapax off Pam’s, but I’m using the PEXP-1 expander to do so. I’ve actually had issues clocking Pam’s to other modules (including another Pam’s) using the CV outs that I could never get around, so I just avoid it now. PEXP-2 is cheaper and uses TRS MIDI which will leave your 5-pin free if you go that route.

Also, be aware that there’s currently a bug where externally clocking Hapax removes the ability to use the start and stop buttons.

I have the Pexp-2 and can’t seem to get the midi din out to work at all with HAPAX. I can get Pams midi out to sync others things like my NerdSeq. So i don’t think it is a TRS type issue because i can get the HAPAX to sync with my Nerdseq via Midi TRS (which is the most solid sync i have found). Plus i have used all the TRS to 5-pin converters i have with Pams and nothing. Oh well. Back to testing…