Pams Clocking/Syncing/Saving Issues

What is the best way to sync with pams new workout with the Hermod+? I have clock out set at 24 pqn. Reset out must be set to “stop = high” Pams keeps going when Hermod+ stops.

The other issue I have is these settings do not save, either using auto save or manually saving each time. When I reboot Hermod+ I have to re enter the sync settings each time.

I am running the 1.02 firmware and I am clocking Hermod+ externally with the Torso T-1, which works fine.

Hi @user47,

To address the first issue, what I can tell you is we use this combo (H+ and PNW) flawlessly in the studio, so there’s definitely some settings that make it pair well.
I can’t say which exact settings values right away as I don’t have my system right now, but I’ll circle back ASAP.

Please note settings are saved independently from projects. You can save them in the global settings page.

Let me know if I can be of any more help

Thanks for passing on the settings values, that would be appreciated!

I never got a response or figured out how to send clock to Pams. But if you are here with the same issue, the work around im using is to send midi clock to Hermod and a second signal to Pams via ALM mmMidi.

I had this issue when first starting not sure why you have pams on stop. It should be on reset for pams and its good to get a trs to dual ts which worked for me well. Trs side goes to clock on pam and the other two go to hermod+ clock and reset. Hope this helps. I clock with ableton and works fine besides the latency issue they are working on right now from what i read. Good luck.

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Pams syncs best to a RUN signal. Meaning RUN=HIGH in the hermod+ sync menu. (and in Pams Menu too) It is important that you have it set the same way in both Pam’s and Hermod’s menus. When one is set to STOP=HIGH and the other one to RUN=HIGH, they’ll do the opposite of each other, Stop will be play and play will be stop.
However, even if you have both set to the same, Pamela gets confused very often when you use something other than RUN=HIGH…

So, when syncing pam: RUN & 24PPQN

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Just to add, PNW & PPW can both handle a single clock from Hermod+ very well - no need to send a RUN signal. To do that, just send a 24ppqn clock from Hermod+ and in Pam set the RUN input to something else.

This way you free up Hermod+'s 2nd output jack to do something else, and you free up Pam’s RUN input to do something else.

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From my experience, PNW’s clock is more precise when synced to H+ than standalone. I made some measurements using the Black Sequencer (in the clock quality menú) and H+ CV clock is ultra rock solid.