Pamela's New Workout & Pyramid

I read a thread the other day regarding problems and solutions syncing Pams with Hermod, which appear to have been resolved. My Pams arrives today and having read folk have had problems using PNW as a slave, it’s bringing a bit of a sweat on. I thought it might be worthwhile to start a thread where we can share our experiences with these 2 devices working in unison…or not!

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I keep finding threads saying Pam prefers to be Master and syncing it from external clocks is troublesome. Does anyone know (and how) if Pyramid can be slave to PNW? Ultimately i’ll be tracking to Logic X which i dare say is another conversation, but there surely must be a way to make all these independently good clock sources talk to each other?

As i’m the only one taking part so far here i’ll share my results for anyone that might be interested. Scouring web forums brought lot’s of doom and gloom but i had to give it a go otherwise PNW would ultimtately be useless in my workflow otherwise.
Ok, after 3 different attempts/configurations i got PNW to sync perfectly with Pyramid. It’s been running in sync all afternoon. Stops and starts perfectly.

Here’s how;

Using the ALM DIn-Sync Adaptor cable
PNW - clk + run cable > Din in MIDI B port on Pyramid
(Settings - Din Sync -Sync24. Send Dyn Sync - Always)

Settings on PNW -24ppqn + Run set to Y.

Next stage is getting a tighter clock to sync from Logic/DAW. I’ve read many people having problems with Ableton too. I’ve bought USAMO but it comes without a power supply. Once that arrives i’ll hopefully get results and finally arrive at a place i set out to be at 3 months ago when i first bought Pyramid.

I’ve solved clock troubles with a simple Doepfer A 183-4 module, brilliant

Nice…it’s always a satisfying moment! I was talking to a friend today about decades of clocking/timing problems…every wave of new technologies brings waves of difficulties to overcome…there’s a whole industry of manufacturers making modules purely to fix or maximise others. I could be cynical but i’m grateful!
I’m just happy i can explore PNW and for it to be in time with everything not part of a modular rig.

I’m using Pam’s always as a slave through any sequencer (Ableton, Octatrack (through Intellijel Midi 1U), Pyramid) and it works totally fine. There’s always a warning in the PPQN settings saying the ext clock is unstable but I don’t feel any issue so I move on like this. To be fair I feel more issues when I try to put Ableton as slave.

Yeah i saw that warning when i tried to make it slave via the suggested env- cv1 route.
Glad to hear it runs well with all your other gear. It makes me wonder why there’s been so much traffic on forums related to this issue. So many people frustrated by it. I chatted with someone at the shop i bought it from and he said he’s never known for it to slave well. By the time that conversation took place Pam’s was already in front of me in the studio, so i was determined to find a solution…and there’s nothing complex about it either. It just works as theory suggests.

I think clocking from a DAW has always been troublesome so i can imagine trying to get Ableton to follow Pam’s or even a hardware sequencer will have its problems. Have you looked into the usamo? I’ve read nothing but good things about it’s stability converting an audio signal to midi.

I am syncing Pyramid as master to PnW without any problems.
I am only using the PNW clock input which is being fed by ENV out from pyramid with PPQN 24. Pam is set to start the clock automatically when an external clock signal is detected and I also have the same setting in pyramid(send clock only when the sequencer is running).
With regard to the daw side I am slaving Pyramid to ableton or use ableton link to sync Pyramid through max/msp and whatever else is using ableton link(ipad, iphone, maschine…)
Although computer midi clock sync is to avoided, if Pyramid is slaved to computer and at the same time is the master for PNW then synchronization is very tight with no problems.


I tried feeding ENV from Pyramid to Pam’s but with no success. Thankfully the Din Sync cable works to PNW Clk + Run. Now i am in a warzone with USAMO trying get all the text a pretty green so the clock is stable whilst recording into Logic. I’m close but no cigar yet. It’s like cracking a safe!

Never tried usamo…I’m kinda interested in E-RM Multiclock USB mostly to tighten up the DAW with everything else, but it’s so expensive.
Anyway, using Intellijel midi 1U module, I connect it to sync and run input of Pam’s and it’s totally fine. Musically I don’t feel any issue but I never made any technical tests, I’m not very interested on that. I believe that despite the fact that Pam’s manual says it prefers to be a master clock, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work well as a slave. If it would, than it would be fare to discuss the quality of this module…For some reason it always complains about the stability of external clock, directly from Pyramid by CV or any other sequenceer through Midi 1U. Maybe a serious master clock like the E-RM or Usamo will make it tight according to it’s standards. If anybody can test it, would be nice to know.

I use Pyramid ENV CV out as 24 ppqn clock and pamela never complains about the bpm!


Yeah the E-RM multiclock is a very expensive to tighten up the DAW, that’s why i opted for usamo to do that job. Thankfully Pam’s is working very well with Pyramid with the 3.5mm clk + run > Midi B port on Pyramid.
I made progress with usamo today. Ended up connecting Unitor8 and i got me some green…fingers crossed it all was worth it.

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I use Pyramid as master, with one midi out going to Befaco MidiThing. The Clock and Start/Stop outs to the corresponding ins on PNW. Works well for me.

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You’re right, I never tried like this before, Pam doesn’t complain when it goes by CV env out din sync 24 in Pyramid, thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

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