Pairing the Hermod with Pyramid

Hi guys I am a pyramid user and thinking of getting the Hermod for my eurorack … I am really interested in the “pairing” feature…

Is anyone using this? can you give me some idea how it works please? #exciting

How to pair Hermod with Pyramid

You can increase the potential of Hermod by pairing it with the Pyramid sequencer, or you can to use Hermod as a CV/Gate interface for Pyramid midi outputs.

Syncing Hermod with Pyramid works exactly the same as syncing Hermod with any kind of hardware/software sequencers. Connect Pyramid’s MIDI or USB output to Hermod’s MIDI or USB HOST input. Then you will be able to perform with the Pyramid interface, while its midi notes will be converted to CV/Gate standard thanks to Hermod. You can even use Hermod internal midi effects (e.g. add glides to notes), and use Hermod’s sequences and projects as “layout scenes” for your setup.

Note that Hermod is a 100% standalone sequencer, and works beautifuly without any master.

theres not really any ‘pairing feature’ …
not sure where you got this, but I suspect, it was meant they work well together.

some of this has been discussed in this thread

as i stated in that thread, I use the Pyramid and Hermod together all the time.
the Pyramid as the sequencer, and the Hermod as midi to cv, with effects, and modulation input (from CV).

some will say this under-utilises the Hermod, and that you can get much the same using the Pyramid + any midi 2 cv module - and to some extent thats true.
but I like the Hermod workflow/UI, and I like the fact that I can use it as a standalone sequencer, if/when I don’t want to use the pyramid.
no right/wrong answer - just depends what you want, budget etc.

technically, how I ‘pair’ it, is I connect the Pyramid over USB (so midi) to Hermod… usually I then run the pyramid as the clock, pass that to hermod, where it can distribute.
(I dont really bother with the CV on the pyramid , as the hermod is enough for my needs… but its possible)

btw: i do think it would be cool if @squarpadmin could actually think about this pairing a little more.
e.g. if hermod support pyramidi, then that could potential open up some interesting possibilities, like pyramid muting hermod tracks.


It’s from the Hermod manual and Squarp calls it “pairing.”

“Pairing” - it’s from bad English, that’s all.
What I did in the meantime: I sold Hermod and now have Pyramid with 2x Hexinverter Mutant Brain modules. My initial impressions confirm what I have said above: Hermod is very much a crippled version of Pyramid and the synergies between them are minimal. Big advantages of Pyramid are FX automatization, no crippled functionality (e.g. Euclidian patterns, missing randomization of note length and parameter values adjustable in 1% steps and much more), user interface (better screen, knobs and pads), patterns (essential for creating evolving musical structures and not just patterns), “true” polyrhythmic time signatures., transfer of MIDI patterns to/from computer and more.

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thanks for your reply this sounds interesting, so basically you are extending the pyramid into the eurorack rather than just using the hermod in a cutdown form…

Thanks for your reply I had been reading that thread and although was interested wasnt 100% if people were discussing hermod or pyramid rather than the “pairing” feature… sounds like you are using it… as you are connecting via usb as described in the note…

basically, for me the Pyramid UI is better, just because its bigger, and its more ergonomic being on the desk (as my eurorack is vertical, not a skiff) , also Ive got quite a few other midi devices connected to the pyramid (via a midi hub) , so it makes sense for it to be central.

and as say, the hermod extends that into eurorack, mainly as midi to cv.

but i do also sometimes like to use it ‘standalone’ without the pyramid.
e.g. the other day, I created a patch where Mutable Instruments Marbles was the main ‘sequencer’ , feeding into the 4 cv into on Hermod, which then drove 4 hermod tracks with various chance/random parameters… and the other hermod tracks being used for modulation/clock
… so that was using it more as a modular process/brain, rather than just a sequencer.

I think as I had the pyramid before the hermod, it never bothered me that it didn’t have all the features of the Pyramid… as they would just be ‘duplicates’ for me anyway. (and given its size, I knew the UI would be limited)

rather I looked at what it provides me over a Pyramid + a simple midi -> cv interface, and for me, those extras have justified the extra cost/hp, but respect for others it might not!


i was thinking a similar line but now i am considering using a module like the mutant brain as discussed above… I am a bit unclear whether I can use the expert sleepers fh-1 or fh-2… they only have midi input… can the pyramid generate pure midi over usb? or does it have to be connected to a DAW? the expert sleepers fh-1 looks like a really powerful midi to cv option but as it only accepts midi over usb i am a little unclear how i would power the pyramid and use midi over usb?

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My two Hexinverter Mutant Brains still haven’t arrived. Remind me if I don’t report my experiences here in a couple of days. Regarding Expert Sleepers: The price for a FH-2 and a gate expander is pretty much the same as for a Hermod. I’d definitely recommend the Hermod over Expert Sleeper modules. And the Pyramid is definitely missing USB connectivity (separate from power supply), this is correct.

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if we just think about midi to cv (so ignoring other hermod features)

FH1 + 8gt, can be picked up cheapish - ~150-200 euro,
FH2 is new, so difficult to get , and quite expensive.

FH1 : really is cryptic to setup, as no screen. but thats fine, if you just set it up once, and leave it that way.
FH2 : got a small screen, so ‘easier’ to setup, but still pretty cryptic.

the hermod screen/encoder is much better imo, to the FH2, so reconfiguring it is really easy e.g. if you decide you want to use a track as an LFO, or add chance etc etc.

also the hermod , as USB host, device, and din all separately , this is not the case with the FH1/2… they need an extra ES module for DIN., and only provide host OR device (iirc)

power and midi over usb ?
works fine on hermod, and you saying it doesnt work on the FH1 or FH2?
if thats the case you can get usb dongle which ‘fix’ this, and provide a usb data thru, and separate usb for power.

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Hey man, how’s it been with the Hexinverters?

All good. Only drawback is that configuration cannot be adjusted easily. But that’s a feature, not a bug. Sold one and got the new Doepfer quad MIDI module insted. The Doepfer has plenty CVs, the Hexinverter plenty gates. Happy now. The new Polyend MIDI conversion module might be interesting.
I am doing 100% Eurorack. The question that is emerging now is whether one should do MIDI at all. Pyramid is great, but screen is still too small. An alternative for me might be CV/gate from a computer. But this is more of a conceptual question, not driven by practical needs.

Do you mean this one?

I’ve been thinking on doing the same. I’m more into generative music and before it I was eyeing Make Noise René. Then I saw ann annie’s videos and found out it has more tracks and it seems to be able to make a lot of randomization. I just don’t have enough space for it right now so a Pyramid will be perfect.

It seems the Poly is being replaced.

Smaller but with less outputs.

Edit: It seems to be a different version, not a replacement.

No, I have an A-190-5

I was referring to the new one. Old one is also not flexible when it comes to setups

I’ve just read the last part of your answer. You are not using Pyramid anymore?

I am using it. And there is no alternative available at the moment, really.

Sorry to bother bringing back this post but I’ve found something that may be a pretty good solution: