Page delete off-by-one bug

OS 2.3.

A simple 8 bar 4/4 track.

Note track mode. Piano role. Polyedit. Press 2nd and Delete.

Expected behaviour - All notes on the selected row on that page should be deleted.
Observed behaviour - All note on selected row are correctly delete, but so is the note on that row in the NEXT PAGE is deleted!

In monoedit mode the same thing happens.

This is quite a fundamental bug in a frequently used function.

Forgot to mention the note deleted from the next page is on the first step.

The work-around in mono-edit mode is to make sure that when deleting you do not select a row where there is a note on the first step in the next bar.

I don’t know a work-around for poly-edit other than editing back a the note which is erroneously removed from the next bar.