Pad/Button input lag?

When I press down a pad/button on Hermod and scroll the encoder, it seems like the display showing the note is kind of slow to detect that I’m holding the button. The button will light up indicating me holding it down a bit before the display registers it. So in effect, a lot of times when I input notes, and I’m in the flow of things, I will accidentally scroll to different pages of the sequencer instead of inputting a note, because the unit doesn’t recognize me holding the pad/button before I turn the encoder.

Minor thing, really, but a bit annoying when in the heat of a patch. Anyone else have this?

Yes it also happens to me, I just make sure the note value gets highlighted before turning the value…I just thought I was too fast, I get what you are saying about flow

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Ok, cool, thanks. Yeah, I usually do that too, but sometimes in the heat of the moment I do it a bit too quickly. But good to know that it’s normal behaviour and not my module being slow. :slight_smile: