P-lock programming possible, a la Elektron ? (on modulation lanes)


is this achievable:
can i “lock” (adjust) in modulation lanes parameter values “per step” ,
“somehow” similar to a elektron unit ?

in case, whats the workflow ?
would i have to set the ppqn setting to 4 or so, to start it with ?
press a step button, turn the correct encoder, …value of the modulation CC set, …per step.
something like that ?

but each CC/CV would take a own modulation lane ?
you´d had to do this again and again per single CC/CV ?

( would to know, for sale decissions to do)

you can have step automation… (for cc/fx/cv parameters)

notes are shown on the automation grid, but automation is not locked to the that note.
so if you move the note, it will not be followed.

so more like automation in a daw.

the only ‘step automation’ are for note parameters - pitch, velocity, chance etc.

… also MPE mode editing will be different when we get it :wink:

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to double check:
so no “per step automation” for CCs/CVs ?
edit: i had another look on the online manual. i think i get it now.

but, whats with that:
if i set the ppqn resolution to 4, and i would “record” some automation (manual wiggling),
then it would be quantised per step (16th) , S&H ish, right ? ( my point here is the S&H ish quantisation/stepping )

could i shift/edit afterwards these values up and down ----> per step ?

MUCH appreciated Mark, the time you take for us !

edit: i had another look on the online manual. i think i get it now.

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so ppqn is about output resolution…
mainly for midi and when using interpolation

imaging pitchbend so 14 bit, and you use interpolation on 2 consecutive points.
at the default 192ppqn, your poor synth is going to be inundated with pitchbend messages.
and many (older) synths, just will not copy, and will lag on their midi input.

so no recording is not quantised… but output can (optionally) be.
so I guess yes this could be also used as a kind of S&H.

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