Override gate length

I can’t find this feature, but though I’d ask if anyone else any experience.

I’d like to vary the gate length of all notes during performance, meaning adjust up/down the pre-recorded gate length of each note. Ideally, this would be an FX slot that would let me increase / decrease the recorded note duration in real-time by some modulatable percentage. I know the randomizer can modify note length, but I don’t want it to be random, I’d like to control it manually.

Any thoughts on how to do this?

there is no feature to do this.

you can select a bunch of notes, then alter their length together, but thats a permenant change.
also there are various limiatons imposed by using zoom level to select, and then being stuck to that grid length - but could work in some situations
bit fiddly for live though, as it cannot be done be done remotely via a controller etc.

I guess the approach Id use is to use the synth ( * )
(its NOT the same thing, but in certain circumstance might achieve a similar musical result)
either : modulate the sustain, or have zero sustain then modulate the release

I use alot of pluck sounds, so tend towards the latter.
of if using modular you can also play with the vca directly

I know not the same… but I use what I have :wink:
outside that, you’ll need to contact squarp via the contact form and propose a feature request.

( * ) you could use a midi processor but I think thats a bit complex as it would need to very carefully track note on/off - but its possible.

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Reckon you might be able to jury-rig this by having a Euclid track (which you can edit the master note length of) being pitch controlled by the Transpose track…

Not tried it, but that workaround just popped into my head reading this.

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Sorry, is this Pyramid?

I haven’t checked out the numbers via MIDIOx or anything (laptop awaiting parts), but I set the Randomiser to Note Length, the Chance +100%, and then modified the Grid parameter to what seemed like an emulation of what you might be looking for…? The transitions between Note Lengths aren’t smooth, and it forces all notes to be the same length - so, there’s that.

Otherwise, if you can use the Arpeggiator, that Gate feature sans the Arp bit would be best, but you’d be limited rhythm-wise.

Are you using a BomeBox? (I noticed one of your posts was on it)
It’d be a pain in the patootie, but you can code something in there - just set up a Timer for Note Events that will loop before outputting the Note Off Event a variable number of times determined by an incoming MIDI CC. With chords and more Note Events that would eat up a lot of Global Variables, but with mono lines it’d be pretty freakin awesome.

That would actually be a fun one to code.
This fits with the way I use my BomeBox (I have a single control that can increase/decrease velocity on Note Events for specified Tracks, for example), so I will probably play with this if my brain will work and once my laptop is back up.

Edit to add: Sorry, my bad. Doesn’t even need a Timer. Just a Delay. Sorry, even easier than I thought. Thank you for asking this question - this is bril!


Yeah, a feature request would be a good idea- shouldn’t be that difficult to add…

Yes this is on Pyramid. I’ll have to give your method of using Randomizer a try. Sadly, my Pyramid is on vacation in France, but hopefully will be home soon.

I do have the BomeBox and BMTP. I reckon you could just ignore the note off events and delay after the note on. Might be worth playing around with. Thanks for the suggestion!

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