Output run/stop CV signal

I am clocking a MakeNoise Tempi with a gate clock output from Hermod. In order to stop the Tempi together with Hermod, it would need a separate high/low voltage to follow the run/stop state of Hermod.

Can I somehow achieve this with the current firmware?

I also have a Pyramid in my setup, so if that machine is capable of outputting a run/stop signal from its cv outs that would also work for me.

I found a way to fake it, but it’s not ideal.

By programming a long note (max length is 32) and using its gate output to patch into the run/stop of Tempi. This means that I now have to sacrifice two gate outputs just for syncing the Tempi. It would be nice if this could be combined in a single cv/gate pair.

Also when the note re-plays the Tempi is “reset” because the run/stop signal goes low for a short time. I guess I could program longer notes by using legato, but it all feels clumsy for what I’m trying to do.

Having the same problem. Maybe Make Noise should improve the Tempi so if it doesn’t get a CV signal on the clock it stops and resets? That would still not deal with the lag at the start … I’m also not happy when trying to sync my Digitakt with the Tempi.

I’m syncing the Tempi now to my DAW, but not happy with the result either. Also I would like to be able to sync to just hardware. Here’s my thread on the topic at Muffwiggler https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=208811&highlight=